SpecMaster is an EnerSys application that provides electronic distribution of design specifications to suppliers via email. Requiring only two pieces of information, supplier code (found on all EnerSys purchase orders) and EnerSys item number (also found on purchase orders), the application is easy to use. Simply enter your EnerSys assigned supplier code and up to five item numbers then click on the submit button. Note, to check the current revision for an item without receiving the actual design documents check the revision info only box next to the item.

Also please note, we strongly encourage you to enter a feedback email address in the space provided. If no feedback email address is provided, we will not be able to inform you if your request was accepted or rejected.

  • You can provide an email address where feedback will be sent, i.e. was your request accepted or rejected. Note, no specifications will be sent to this email address.

Please contact Corporate Purchasing with any questions or comments.